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Dried Ginger


Shelf Life 1 Year
Packing Material Packed in Plastic Bags
Quality Superior

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Min. Order Quantity 20 Kilogram

Origin And Distribution :  This tropical plant is a native of India and Malaysia. It is also cultivated in countries, like Japan, Southern China, Nigeria, Jamaica, Sierra Leone and Malaysia. For growth, this plant required warm and humid climate. The optimum altitude for its growth starts from sea level to 1500 mtrs above MSL. The crop required a well distributed rainfall of 150 to 300cm in growing duration and dry spells at the time when land is prepared and crop is to be harvested. This crops grows in all kinds of soil, albeit lateritic loams is the preferred choice for higher yields.

Uses  :  Food processing industry uses fresh and dry ginger, oleoresin and ginger oil. It is an important ingredient in confectionery, curry powders, curried meats, cocktail, carbonate drinks, etc. As a stimulant and carminative, it is used in medicine. One can find this ingredient in most indigenous medicines. The oil of ginger is used as a flavourant in soft drinks.

Indian Name of Spices :

  • Hindi  -  Adrak
  • Kannada  -  Shunti, Ardraka
  • Bengali  -  Ada
  • Telugu  -  Allamu, Sonthi
  • Urdu  -  Adrak, Adhrak
  • Gujarati  -  Adu
  • Malayalam  -  Inchi
  • Punjabi  -  Adrak
  • Marathi  -  Ale
  • Oriya  -  Ada
  • Sanskrit  -  Ardraka
  • Tamil  -  Inji

Foreign Name of Spices  :

  • Spanish  -  Jengibre
  • Swedish  -  Ingefara
  • Arabic  -  Zanjabil
  • French  -  Gingembre
  • German  -  Ingwer
  • Dutch  -  Gember
  • Russian  -  Imbir
  • Japanese  -  Shoga
  • Italian  -  Zenzero
  • Portuguese  -  Gengibre
  • Chinese  -  Chiang

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